Lime Green Red Christmas Table

For a really color coordinated Christmas party or celebration in lime green and red, I want to get the best supplies to enjoy the special time of gift giving. Today I have a fun selection of lime green and red Christmas decorations you might simply need, too! I adore lime green and red for Christmas and it’s one of my favorite color combos for this holiday!

Lime Green Red Christmas Table – Casual Setting

If you want to save a lot of time going from store to store, trying to find matching party table supplies, you might end up buying something that does not completely match. I am not a big fan of store hopping so I do it the easy way and order from my comfy home!


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All you need for a perfect dinner table

To set a pretty table, you need a useful table cover and this pretty table cover in 54 x 102″ is perfect to lay down the bases of a great lime green and red party table.

I have researched many Christmas themed paper plates and none that are cute were also sturdy. So I opted for solid red 7″ plastic plates. They come in a pack of 50 and the reviews on those are awesome! I also looked for some cute dessert plates and found these square lime green paper plates which have a good value and good reviews.

These adorable paper napkins match perfectly and these red and white paper cups with deer on them completes my table! A great addition to any party table are these lime green and red straws. They are not only fun for kids but add so much interest for everyone attending a party. Although my kids will grab them the first but I know that a package of 200 will yield for everyone 😉 lime green red Christmas table decoration, lime green and red Christmas party decor

Then every party table needs a center piece so I chose this cute green tissue paper tree with Santa which I thought was really inexpensive. It matches very nicely into my fun and whimsical Christmas party table!

Oh wait! I almost forgot the cutlery! Again, I didn’t opt for cheap because cutlery needs to hold up well enough and most reviews of Christmas plastic cutlery weren’t all that great. I chose these amazing glitter plastic cutlery in red to add just that sparkle that I thought my lime green and red Christmas party table would need. I must say, I love them and according to one customer, I’ll be sure to wash them and reuse them at my next party!

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I’m excited and my virtually planned lime green red Christmas table setting is complete. I can’t wait to order all of these supplies and hope you will find this recommendation useful!

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